Monsoon Getaway at Malsej

Malsej ghat is an excellent weekend getaway for Mumbaikars in Monsoon. Indeed the best time to visit the place is during monsoons when the swirling wind, heavy showers, verdant mountains and numerous waterfalls weave a magical atmosphere in and around the jungles. Since, monsoon is here, I want to share my travel stories for those who are planning a weekend getaway this time!

Solo pic - waterfall

Last year, during monsoon I was looking forward to make a trip to Malsej. I  had heard about the beauty of the place but every year I just kept planning and due to some reason or the other it was not happening. Then I got a  message from a meetup group(The Ramblers) that they have planned a trip to Malsej. I thought I would pay the money and book a seat but when I called up to pay the money they told me its full and I was very disappointed. But my luck played well and after a week I got another message from a different group Happy Mates this time I didn’t want to miss a chance so I paid the amount to Ashish and booked my seat instantly.

Due to Malsej being landslide prone, my friends and family were worried about my safety.  But nothing could deter me this time. So I checked with others if the trip was on and as they said “yes” – so yayy! I was happy to know that there were some more crazy people like me on the trip! 😛 Our view throughout the ride was the Sahyadris range – majestic and magical during monsoons.


With lush green hills and innumerable waterfalls, it is a delight for a person who is in love with nature.As soon as you reach the ghats you will start seeing the waterfalls falling from a height right on the roads. One can park their vehicle and spend a moment under the waterfalls! Thats what we did and it was really awesome to feel the fresh water falling on our faces and on our vehicles!


I have seen waterfalls but driving through one was a completely different experience. We all had fun taking a shower under the waterfall and it was amusing for me to see that people carried soaps as well so that they could literally bathe in the that water. 😀 All of us were soaking wet so we stood in the Traveller for the rest of our journey. We felt like notorious kids as we were not allowed inside the car after playing in the waterfall and on top of that were made to stand in one corner of the Traveller .

After 3 hours of fun filled ride, we reached Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) Resort; the property was beautiful and surrounded by mountains. One can book cottages or dormitories based on the requirement of the traveller. As we entered the resort, we were engulfed with clouds and mist and we could not see anything. After keeping our luggage we headed to have lunch.The menu is the usual of all MTDC resorts and the prices are pocket friendly.After lunch we set out to explore the place.We all went to the various viewpoints inside the resort itself and all the views were breathtaking.Within an hour the place was filled with clouds and mist, and we had difficulty in finding our way back.


Night was full of masti, music and dance.We had planned Naneghat trek for the next morning. Most of the people were asleep except few of us (the enthusiastic bunch) who went trekking at 6:30 am and trekked to the might Naneghat which gives an impeccable view of the valley.


Since, our morning started early and on a high note, it was time to fill our growling stomachs with MTDC breakfast! We checked out from the resort to head out home, but our fellow travellers requested for a detour to Naneghat as they couldn’t make it for the morning trek. To our delight, we heard the gurgling sound of water and discovered a waterfall! Enjoying in that waterfall was a perfect farewell moment for me and my fellow travellers! 🙂 Thank you Happy Mates 🙂


It was soon time to head back home with unforgettable memories and photographs. Monsoon is a very dear season to Mumbaikars and Malsej is one favourite destination that keeps calling people back again and again!


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6 thoughts on “Monsoon Getaway at Malsej

  1. Wonderful experience. Well described. Hope to hear of more such places

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  2. Nilima Chitnis June 18, 2017 — 1:22 pm

    Beautifully presented! Would love to visit it sometimes soon . Waiting for more from you

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A very detailed n vivid description which will without doubt attract people to experience n absorb the beauty of this spot.

    Liked by 1 person

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