I was bitten by the travel bug from my childhood days.Whenever there were excursions planned from school I never missed them.Coming from a modest middle class family travelling/Holidays was a luxury.Travelling meant only visits to relatives places and holidays were spent with cousins(which these days children don’t have an opportunity to do) Well both have advantages and disadvantages. I am a travel addict a travel junkie I cant stay for long without travelling even a day trek makes me happy.So when ever I can find time I am off to some destination.I have that hunger for seeing new places new experiences and always wanting more.Thats me in a nutshell.

I encouraged my children to go for very excursion/picnic planned by the school.Earlier when children were younger we went for holidays twice a year..The memories of which have faded away most of the places in the photographs I can’t recollect and I never jotted down any details of them either.Even the holiday to kashmir with family last year I cannot recollect when I see the photographs I can’t identify whether  its  Sonmarg or Gulmarg.India is bestowed with natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage.I have travelled extensively in India and yet I feel there is still so much to see.I have travelled abroad to countries like Sri lanka the far east countries,Europe.I cherish the memories of my London trip. 

                                    So what better way to document your priceless memories? So I decided to pen them down.From my day trips/Treks/long Trips.Besides  I want to share my experiences with people and help them plan their trips/holidays.Some of the trips which I had taken maybe 4-5 years back will try to put them together.

                             “Travel makes one modest.You see what a tiny place you occupy                                           in  the world”



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